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Creative Corner

Using art to explore and overcome mental health challenges.

Art - coming soon: Headliner

Artist Challenges: Get Involved.

We challenge you to create something that reflects upon a mental health experience or feeling. Send us your short films, music, poetry and short stories. Choose the challenge that speaks to your artistic preferences and learn about how to submit your own work.

Dear me

Healing letters to the self

Explore challenge

Let the words flow

Poetical exploration of mental health

Explore challenge

Calling all filmers.

Short Films with a message

Explore challenge

Camera Stills

A snapshot of mental health

Explore challenge

Loony Toones Music

If your mental health had a sound...

Explore challenge

Mental Health Tales

Short Stories

Explore challenge

Pick up the paintbrush

Paintings, Drawings & Prints


Create your own

Creativity has no boundaries

Art - coming soon: Files
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