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How the Hatch Mindset Program works.

The Hatch Mindset Program follows a four part structure. We have this structure to ensure we tick all the possible boxes when it comes to leaving a longstanding impact on school communities.  

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Part 1: Consultation

Getting to know your school community.

Before we visit your school, we want to gain an understanding of the specific wellbeing issues that are impacting your school. We do this so that we can create the most relatable, relevant and useful talks for your school community.

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Part 2: Education

An informed community.

We always start our talks with facts to ensure that students understand the nature of addiction and mental illness. At the end of this education session, students will have an understanding of the four W's of addiction and mental illness. 

  • WHAT is addiction and mental illness

  • WHY people become "addicted" or suffer from mental health disorders

  • WHO is impacted by addiction and mental health challenges

  • WHEN and how should someone seek help for their mental health

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Part 3: Storytelling

Real talk.

The real impact happens when we open up to your school communities and share our personal stories. We reveal our mental health experiences from adolescence, explaining our unfiltered reality and the tools we used to get help.

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Part 4: Q&A

Starting the conversation.

Whether students want to ask about our personal experiences, or more generally about mental health, we create a safe space for them to find the answers. Many students feel uncomfortable publicly asking questions, so we also stay after our talk to engage with one-on-one discussions.

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