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Clinical Treatment

Mental Healthcare

Yes We Can Youth Clinics

Treatment centre for youth adults.

Hatch Wellness has an active partnership with Yes We Can Youth Clinics, the leading mental health treatment centre for young people aged between 13-25. 

There is little that can prepare you for the frustration and hopelessness that we face when nothing seems to be helping us with our mental health challenges. At this point, giving up may feel like the only answer. When all else seems to fail, there is still a solution. For some people, inpatient treatment is necessary to remove life’s unpredictability and distractions in order to focus solely on improving their mental health. 

With the help of Yes We Can Youth Clinics, we have created our Hatch Mindset school programs. We visit schools and share our personal experience as young people who have battled with mental health struggles. We turned the corner, and we are here to show like minded young people how we did it.

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Yes We Can Youth Clinics: Projects

Jens' Clinical Treatment Experience

"Jens was treated at Yes We Can Youth Clinics for his addiction. He couldn’t handle his feelings from the past and used gambling, alcohol and drugs to escape. We are very proud of him that he is now clean of drugs, gambling and alcohol."

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