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Our Story

The Founders of Hatch Wellness

"At just fifteen we fell into an unbreakable cycle of addiction and depression. We felt like nobody understood what we were experiencing, and often wondered whether there was anyone else in this world that felt the same way we did. It was deeply lonely. We tried everything to fix what was going on inside us, but nothing seemed to work. Living became too painful, and we just didn’t see a way out. There was one last option we could turn to. Finally, we took a leap of faith and went to an inpatient treatment centre. Here everything changed with one simple discovery. 

At treatment, we grew captivated by whispered anecdotes of pain and humiliation. Other people, young people, seemed to understand exactly what we had been going through. We weren’t the only ones. Hearing the honesty of others allowed us to open up, share our experiences and say “me too”. Because we could identify with the experiences of other young people, we were able to connect with people for the first time in our lives. 

Years down the line, we are living happy and healthy lives. Everyday we remember the moment we realised that it wasn't just us. And so we created Hatch Wellness to help other young people realise that it’s not just them." 

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