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"I always loved PSHE talks on mental health and addiction, but I never felt like I was hearing my story. I wish that someone had told me other teenagers experience what I had been going through" 

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Hatch Mindset

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What is the Hatch Mindset Program?

With the help of our friends at Yes We Can Youth Clinics, we created the Hatch Mindset Program. ​Our young speakers, who have personal experiences with mental health, addiction and recovery, deliver customized talks and programs freely to students in UK and international schools. 

We share our stories with students because not long ago we received the same “drug and mental health talks” at our schools. Sure, those talks were informative, and sometimes they were also exciting. But they lacked in relatability. Our young speakers match the student demographic so that when we share our mental health journeys, from eating disorders to substance abuse, we spark real conversations with young people who can relate to us because we are them. Our interactive talks not only provide comfort to young people through identification, but we also share the solution to seeking help.

We offer talks to students of all ages, and tailor the content based on the age of your students and the school’s specific circumstances. Through the power of storytelling and relatability, we inspire students so that when we leave, they can have the confidence to know what action to take to receive support, and the courage to begin the process of opening up about their own mental health.

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Feedback from Schools

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"Some of the students said that it was the best talk they have ever had since they joined the Senior School"

Jane Pawulska

Deputy Head (Pastoral) Bishops Stortford College

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